A few years ago two car enthusiasts got together to try and solve a problem many enthusiasts have – what do you do when you need to house your beloved car but don’t have a garage (or don’t have any space left in it) to do it in? Three years later and they’ve done it! They have invented the garage for those who can’t have a garage… and it’s called a Carapace.

UK designed and manufactured, the Carapace (which means the hard shell of a crustacean) is a unique glass reinforced plastic (grp) structure. It has been created to not only store your car safely but to also ensure that it’s stored in a space that is well ventilated whilst at the same time guaranteed to keep the worst of the UK’s weather well away from it. Not only that, the Carapace is incredibly durable and maintenance free. It is also classed as a temporary structure, so it means you can take it with you if you move.

For anyone who has problems with a normal shaped structure/garage, or who can’t build a garage on their property, this is the perfect alternative.


  • A strong, durable, non-permanent structure made of glass reinforced plastic (grp) – semi-portable and very low maintenance.
  • Safe and secure protection sporting ergonomic, aesthetic design for your classic or sports car when a garage is not available.
  • Prevent your car from being vandalised and keep out prying eyes.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of vehicles, motorcycles, kit and racing cars.
  • Minimal amount of room on your driveway required, the small footprint is only slightly larger than the car it protects.
  • Gas strut assisted front hatch opening and lockable.
  • Ideal for use in private, underground or open plan parking spaces.
  • Available in a choice of colours.
  • Approved for use as a garage by Classicline* Insurance


length: 487cm, width: 196cm, height: 185cm

length: 487cm, width: 218cm, height: 186cm

Maximum height of front entrance:

Suitable for small to medium cars.


  • Side opening, pivoting door on either side.
  •  Floor covering: heavy duty interlocking floor tiles with raised disk texture.
  •  Wheel stops, Wheel Plates.

Please take a look around our website where you find more information about the carapace,  if you have any questions or want to know more, please call or email us.  You can find our contact details here.

Carapace Origins
Carapace Origins
Carapace Origins
Carapace Origins
Carapace Origins
Carapace Origins